How to translate field name in error message ?
  • for example:
    $lang['error_not_number'] = '%1s****';

    I have a field named ref, must be a number.
    I translate it in the exampl_lang.php

    $lang['form_label_ref'] = 'Ref code';

    the invalid error message will display as 【Value needs to be a number for 'ref'】.
    how can I get the error msg like this 【Value needs to be a number for 'Ref code'】 ?

    can I custom that msg just like required error msg:

    public $required = array('ref' => 'Ref code shouldn't leave blank!');

    need help...
  • There is a lang key of "error_not_number" that you would need to change in the fuel/modules/fuel/language/english/fuel_lang.php file.

    The "auto_validate_field" method in MY_Model is where that validation is being set and you'll see that there are other language references like the following:
  • got it!

    "auto_validate_field" method in MY_Model :

    there is a sentence
    【case 'number':
    $this->validator->add_rule($field, 'is_numeric', lang('error_not_number', $field_name), $value);】

    change to:
    【case 'number':
    $this->validator->add_rule($field, 'is_numeric', lang('error_not_number', lang($field)), $value);】

    in your application/language/english/****_lang.php, you will need a translate like 【$lang['ref'] = 'Ref-Code';】

    Love FUELcms,
    Good job DAYLIGHT!

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