MySQL 8 and insert_id()

Anyone running MySQL 8.0 now having trouble with $this->db->insert_id() returning a valid ID?

I'm on PHP 7.4 and can't seem to get anything other than "0" after a $this->test_model->insert(...); Used to work fine.


  • Double check that the column is using an auto_increment. If so, then maybe check it manually with the native functions to see if it is indeed the MySQL driver:

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    auto_increment is on. The table and the code has been running for a number of years.

    $el = $this->xx_model->find_one('','id DESC);
    $id = $el['id'] 


  • INSERT INTO `mytable` (staffid,datefrom,dateto,bhmode,daysequivelent) 

    Works fine from MySQL CLI. It's not the database.

    I have the same problem with another Fuel site too. v1.5.2 in both cases.

  • I don't currently have MySQL 8 to test. However, I think this may be something with the CI DB Driver but haven't found anything on their GitHub repo about it.

  • Looks like insert_id is a property for MySQL8, rather than a function. So

    I don't have MySQL 7.x access, can anyone check if this is backwards compatible please?

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