Fuel Cms creates many database process in sleep state

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Im new to Fuel CMS, Just want to ask what does this code below do it's in line 158 - 161 of C:\laragon\www\fuel\fuel\modules\fuel\core\MY_Model.php file. Because it seems like the empty($this->db) will always be true because If I check the value of $this->db it always NULL. I have many models called in my Home Page and it seems like this code below creates many mysql database connection that in sleep state. If I delete that code the unwanted mysql connections is gone and still my website is working properly.

                    // starting this code
        if (empty($this->db))
                    // to this code
        $CI =& get_instance();
        if (isset($CI->db))
            // create a copy of the DB object to prevent cross model interference
            $db = clone $CI->db;


  • There is a "dsn" property on a model that can be set for rare cases when the model's data pulls from a different database. If it's empty, it just uses the default database connection. How are you determining the number of connections in a sleep state (is there a query you run)?

  • Im just running SHOW PROCESSLIST command in my phpmyadmin. is it ok to delete that code? because it seems my project is working perfectly fine even if I commented it

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    Sometimes we're having "Too many connections" error in codeigniter and we found out that code in our projects creates many connections in database.

  • Thanks for the report. I've pushed that fix to the develop branch here if you want to merge it in.

  • Ok thank you very much :)

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