What Have You Built With FUEL CMS?

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We at Daylight Studio, love to hear about your FUEL CMS projects. Anyone wanting to share there projects, experiences (good/bad), feel free to post in this discussion.


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    Ive just finished a site using fuelcms. It's not a big site at all, may be doesn't even need fuel at this stage but it's simple to begin with and finding my way around fuels features.
    Got plans to open up the CMS part and add a module or use the assets module for the image galleries.It's early days and still waiting for more content from customer.

    I think it's been worth the extra work (learning), even for this small site as the customers needs grow the ground work for opening up the CMS is done.

    The features that helped a lot over using none fueled codeigniter was the layout system. Once i'd got the header and footer in place, editing the pages in Dreamweaver was easy with the ability to pass the fuel vars for javascript and css files as well as meta stuff, i used to put that in controllers.

    The fuel nav is very handy too for having a central place to keep the 'site map'. It's active state based on id works a treat. I did struggle a bit with working it out / the file to keep the nav array in but in the end used two files, one for the top nav and one for the main nav, there's probably a better way?

    I really like fuelcms, thanks you guys for realeasing it!

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    Thanks for sharing and we appreciate the feedback.

    Let us know if you want us to see if there is a better way to do your navigation (sometimes it may warrant 2 files though like you have though)
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    Migration Brewing Co.

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    Actually a small website that will grow up with new sections and contents...
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    A work in progress but it's been Fueled, more to come soon...
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    FUELCMS made my life so much easier. Thanks a mil.
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    Launched fueled redesign today. Currently only using the Page functionality of the CMS but working on custom modules for a few blocks.

    Fuel CMS is now my favorite CMS.

    Daniel S.
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    Launched a few days ago using FUEL CMS. Had a really tight deadline to meet and fuel saved the day. The project was half done in that a static site had been made already but not completed. We took over the project and used fuel's layout facilities to theme the already made basic html pages and add better layouts and jquery stuff.

    The whole brief from customer was quite involved and there's still some work to do to enable the customer to update some parts but knowing fuel can ultimately give us those features later we were able to get the site online quickly and get paid!

    Now we have to move some content over to the CMS and also build at least a news letter system. Would like to make this an advanced module and already looking at how the available blog module was developed to help me. May be Daylight's next blog entries could be about advanced modules (PLEASE..)

    I've been using codeigniter for quite a while and was considering moving to another framework (one that had more CRUD/Backoffice features) but FUEL has made it possible to stay with the framework i favour and know.

    Thank you Daylight... looking forward to the next getfuelcms blog entries.

    Nick M
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    Just launched this site for a local district council. Had some challenges to overcome which i thought might be a problem. In the event FUEL worked pretty much out of the box.

    I had to keep an already built business directory in place (classic ASP) as well as provide an fuel for the customer to use. It's running on windows server with both asp and php enabled, all i had to do was move the assets folder for fuel and all worked fine.

    Thanks again for FUEL.

    Nick M
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    can anyone do share the demo for frontend and admin?
    so I can see exactly how it is implemented..
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    Just launched this past Tuesday, the new Boston Bike Sharing website:


    FuelCMS is working out great, in fact we're standardizing on the platform for all Alta Bicycle Share system websites. Great job and keep up the awesome work! Drop us a line sometime, we're in Portland too!
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    Site looks great and glad to hear you are local!
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    Launched New Site of Optical, Sunglasses Fashion.


    It's totally developed in FUEL.

    FUEL is Rocking !!!! :)

    Thanks to FUEL
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    Ported my old static website to Fuel last night. Took a ridiculous two - three hours or something to do!


    Messed around with the Backend a bit. The groups on the left slide up/down instead of show/hide:


    Don't know how to get that ^ to show inline..

    Fuel IS rocking
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    our constantly updated adoption/awareness website:
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    LOVE seeing everyones work.
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    We used fuel for the backend of this site:
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    Love the filtering on the movies... very nice.
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    A buddy of mine and I built this. It was rather fun and challenging at the same time. Thanks FUEL!

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    Just rolled a simple portfolio website with FuelCMS... my second build. I like working with Fuel - thanks!

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    We had a programmer that used Fuel and my customers/design firms fell in love with the ease of the CMS. My programmer has since move on to other things. If you feel you can build to the level of the sites listed above and are located in the US, please contact me. I pay a very fair rate for qualified programmers. chad@presencemaker.com
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    Our company have few of projects is using Fuel CMS. winemob.me is our new project, it is wine review sharing IOS app, using Fuel CMS for backend.
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    Really enjoyed building this with Fuel CMS, I'm looking forward to the next one now.
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    Handmade designer hats site. I built a custom Fuel module for adding/managing hats, and used Fuel for management of editable page areas & the blog.
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    My first two sites with fuelcms:

    1. For my town, Clarens in the Free state, South Africa: http://www.clarenssa.co.za
    2. For my sister who is a graphic designer and bugged me for a long time to change the site I've developed for her to a content management site: http://www.ruthrudin.co.il

    Thank you all for all the help during my development of these 2 sites, fuelcms is amazing.
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    como puedo instalar el fuel en mi hosting?
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    It's finally up!

    A combination of Miva Merchant with Fuel CMS to create this beautiful e-commerce site.
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    My first fuelcms.


    With little custom showcase.
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    http://www.ferrarimarketletter.com v0.93
    Subscription site converted from a ColdFusion/MySQL to FuelCMS.
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    Fortune Oilfield Construction Ltd.
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