Advanced Module custom_fields

I'd like to encapsulate all the coding for a custom field inside my advanced module.

I've mostly succeeded but can only get it to work with a local configuration in ./application/config/custom_fields.php

Is it possible to move the custom_fields.php to ./modules/my_module/config?
What's the naming convention (my_module_custom_fields.php)?
Is this configuration loaded automatically for all other modules that might want to use the new field type?



  • What if you move it to your module and just reference it in the ./application/config/custom_fields.php like so:

    $fields['my_custom_field'] = array();
  • I think I've done that in the past and it's worked.
    Which bit of Fuel processes the custom_fields.php file? Perhaps I'll look at adding support for modules with their own custom fields...

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