Resizing inline_edit windows

My fuel_edit() popup windows are too small for my taste.
Is there a way to specify the width?


  • Unfortunately not.

  • So I'll need to dig into the code and add support. I'm cool with that. Any pointers?

  • Yeah... line 104 of the edit_mode.js file. Changes to that file are part of the build so if you change it, you'll need to just browse to /fuel/build to regenerate the JS compiled version.

  • Revisiting this as it's cropped up for inline_edit buttons. Basically, I wanted to stretch all such dialogs to fit the containing form - and force 80% browser height if too long.
    I've made changes to line 170 of global.js and will post the solution after testing.
    This post is to report a very minor bug in build.php. I've added

    echo lang('module_build_asset', 'JS', $output_params['destination']);

    After line 143 so it reports all the files being updated (there was no feedback for fuel.min.js)

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