Purifier anomaly

I want to be able to type in something like "< 1 day" into a rich text field (ie. "less than 1 day").

On a Fuel Page, on saving, the text is preserved correctly as it passes through Purifier (in HTMLPurifier_HTML5Config mode, in my case).

If I type the same text into a rich text field in a Simple Module, the text is transformed into "< 1>". It seems Purifier is closing the < to turn the stanza into a tag.

It looks like modules is doing something slightly different when calling Purifier?


  • It seems likely that it may be due to the default security settings for a module. In the fuel/modules/fuel/config/fuel_modules.php file, line 37 of the $config['modules']['pages'] configuration, there is a line for sanitizing input which overwrites the default value of a module:

    'sanitize_input' => array('template','php'),

    There is also a mapping of functions that can be set in the MY_fuel.php config for module_sanitize_funcs. The default is:

    $config['module_sanitize_funcs'] = array(
        'xss' => 'xss_clean', 
        'php' => 'encode_php_tags', 
        'template' => 'php_to_template_syntax', 
        'entities' => 'htmlentities',
        'purify' => 'html_purifier',

    The actual sanitizing of the data happens in the fuel/modules/fuel/controllers/Module.php file on line 1200.

  • Perfect! Thanks.

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