Locked out of Fuel

My admin ID & password has stopped working on a hosted installation. The login page just refuses to accept my details which worked previously. Copying over a working fuel_users table doesn't work.

How can I reset the admin login details?

I've attempted to hard-code a login via a temporary controller and that seems successful but then when I try to access any of the fuel pages (fuel/dashboard), I get returned to the login page. Is there anything I'm missing to craft a valid login so I can reset the password from the users screen?

Happy to take this out of the forum for security reasons...


  • It sounds like it may be an issue with the Session. Try setting the $config['sess_save_path'] value in the fuel/application/config.php file to a writable folder full path on the server (.e.g. /var/www/tmp/). Also, delete any cookies from your browser for that domain.

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    No difference unfortunately. I can see session files appearing in my tmp directory. Could it be an encryption thing?

    EDIT: Turned out to be $config['cookie_secure'] = true;
    The HTTPS cert was broken and the site was defaulting to HTTP.

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