Using FUEL_NAV to build Page Titles and Breadcrumbs
  • I just found FUEL-CMS and am reproducing a site to learn how to use it. I have previously built the site in CodeIgniter.

    I do not get the expected result when I attempt to use fuel_nav in the global.php _variables file to build page_title and breadcrumb menus. I have a nav.php file built in _variables and use the Menu class Render method to display but the result seems random and based on the wrong data. I certainly suspect I am using these incorrectly, and sincerely hope you can put me on the right track.

    Example from global.php ($CI is instantiated and language file is loaded):
    $vars['breadcrumb'] = fuel_nav(array(
    'render_type' => 'breadcrumb',
    'active' => $CI->uri->uri_string(),
    'parent_id' => NULL,
    'delimiter' => ' :: ',
    'home_link' => lang('default_crumb_top')
    $vars['meta_title'] = fuel_nav(array(
    'render_type' => 'page_title',
    'delimiter' => ' : ',
    'home_link' => lang('default_title_default')
    the request for display on the page:
    echo $this->menu->render($breadcrumb);
    echo $this->menu->render($page_title);

    Thanking you in advance for any help on this - Chris
  • I must have misread the user guide, by eliminating the render method and simply calling the _variable all does indeed work great! I was even able to call another instance of fuel_nav at the page level to use another title other than the default.

    If interested, this is the site:
    I have two pages as well during the learning phase, one through CMS ( and one Articles module ( Rock on!

    Thanks for all your efforts, this CMS is all I have ever wanted, and more...Chris
  • Nice! Glad you got everything working.

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