New Version and Codeigniter 2.0 Official Release
  • Hi

    I am just wondering will the next version release and future releases of fuelcms use Codeigniter Core or Codeigniter Reactor?
  • Hah... just saw the news (almost was going to ask if anyone new when it was going to be released). Most likely Reactor if it proves stable and responsive to fixes and features.
  • I'm using Fuel 0.91 because I wanted to work off the CI 2.0 codebase. How easy is it (if it all) to merge the latest CI release with my existing Fuel installation? From the looks of it, I can update the Fuel codeigniter folder with the CI system folder, but how much customization lives inside the fuel files...

    I have to also say, that the work and thought that has gone into Fuel is really awesome and I cannot thank you guys enough for opening this up like you have. As a long time PHP developer and CodeIgniter enthusiast, I was always a little bit jealous of the functionality that django brought to python developers. In one download, Fuel has given me that. So thank you again!
  • You are welcome and thanks for the kind words. To merge the latest CI 2.0 release into the 0.91 branch, you can simply replace the entire fuel/codeigniter folder with the contents of the system folder from CI 2.0. I'm not aware of any changes to the config files since the 0.91 branch was created so probably don't need to update any of those files (and there are a few you shouldn't like autoload, routes, constants, hooks). Also, the cache and logs folder is now in the application directory which was a change made after the 0.91 branch, and so, the easiest way around that would probably be to change the new cache_path config parameter in the main CI config file to BASEPATH.'cache/'.

    That said, if you want to wait a little longer, there will be a 0.92 branch that will include those changes with a bunch of updates to better facilitate localization. I'm hoping to release that within the next week or so (depending on how the week goes).
  • I have to echo exactly what allank said about Fuel CMS and I'm eagerly awaiting version 0.92
  • Thanks Kavrocks... much appreciated.
  • I was wondering what version of CI core, fuel cms v. 1.0 would have when it is released as stable. i'm using beta now and i see it's using CI v.2.1.0. If fuel v.1.0 won't use CI v.latest what would be the procedure for accomplishing that locally? thanks in advance.
  • We are awaiting the rumored 3.0 release to see how it effects integration. The latest CI release actually breaks some stuff with the queries. I looked on the issues and it appeared others were having a similar issue so we felt it best to await the 3.0 and spend our time with integration issues then.

    As far as the process of merging the latest stuff in, we normally will just copy over the system folder to the fuel/codeigniter folder and replace the configs (except the config.php, database.php and routes.php).

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