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  • The controller should inherit the Module controller or Fuel_base_controller so that it is checking the logged in session. You should also create a route in the routes file to map to that controller path to be something like'my_module_controller/upl…
  • You can, but it will require a little bit of javascript code. Also, if the options values for the field are automatically being added by FUEL because of a relationship (e.g. foreign_key), you can prevent that overhead by removing the relationship be…
  • You'll need to setup a normal CI Controller to handle that route. FUEL does this as well for certain modules like the Pages module that has additional routes. It has a Page controller (fuel/modules/fuel/controllers/Pages) which extends the Module Co…
  • This issue should be resolved in the develop branch.
    in Fuel & PHP 7.4 Comment by admin May 21
  • There was a change to the CI Session Driver that has caused this issue (we run into it on different servers now and then too). If that value is not set, it will use the php.ini value session.save_path which needs to be a writable directory that can …
  • Maybe try setting the session save path in the main fuel/application/config/config.php file to a writable folder above the web root to see if it has to do with where sessions are being stored.
  • The preview path set for the module is articles/{slug} and there is likely not a view file specified at views/articles/my-slug-value.php. There are a some additional ways to fix this (along with almostcompletely's recommendation to use a controller)…
  • CI4 is no doubt a great update keeping with the spirit of the original CI version. There was quite a bit of time spent 2 years ago working on a complete rewrite and port to CI4, but I abandoned the project due to other projects and frankly, the pace…
    in CI4 Comment by admin April 15
  • Check the fuel/application/config/MY_fuel.php for the assets_upload_max_width and assets_upload_max_height parameters.
  • Hmm... I not seeing that issue in Firefox after submission. Have you had other people test it out: https://share.getcloudapp.com/5zuyEooE
  • Alias is really just a way to make a page with the same content at a different location. To be honest, it's rarely used.
  • When you say "alias" you mean you setup a page with a layout of "Alias"?
  • Yeah... line 104 of the edit_mode.js file. Changes to that file are part of the build so if you change it, you'll need to just browse to /fuel/build to regenerate the JS compiled version.
  • Unfortunately not.
  • When you say it fails, are you seeing errors in the console or simply nothing is being updated? Also, did you try the module name instead of the model name for the 3rd parameter (e.g. "glossary_state_counties")?
  • I think I would need to take a look at the entire code structure to see what may be going on to track how it is determining which layout (or no layout).
    in Page title Comment by admin March 7
  • You can also assign a layout in that third parameter: $this->fuel->pages->render('my_module', $vars, array('view_module' => 'advanced_module', 'layout' => 'my_layout'));
    in Page title Comment by admin March 5
  • There is a third parameter you can use to specify the name of the advanced module: $this->fuel->pages->render('my_view', $vars, array('view_module' => 'my_advanced_module'));
    in Page title Comment by admin March 5
  • Due to the customization of code in the fuel/application directory per website, it's not setup handle multiple sites. You may be able to make some configuration changes in the index.php file to point to different fuel/application directories based o…
  • This sounds like you'll want to create a simple module that keeps track of all your photo gallery data and allows you to upload images. I would check out the following URLs to help guide you in creating a photo gallery module. https://docs.getfuelc…
  • There is a 'default_col' and 'default_order' simple module parameter you can use: https://docs.getfuelcms.com/modules/simple You can also set the default parameters in the model's list_items method signature.
  • I'm guessing you are referring to the get_others() dropdown list ordering. If so, the options_list() method has the following parameters: options_list($key = NULL, $val = NULL, $where = array(), $order = TRUE) If the value is set to TRUE, i…
  • I would look at the Migration DB Pro plugin from Wordpress. https://deliciousbrains.com/wp-migrate-db-pro/
  • That function provides a key/value pair that is often used for dropdown selects. The dropdown select that is displayed in a detail view to quickly navigate to other records uses the get_others() method which internally uses the options_list() method.
  • If you are seeing __FUEL_MARKER__0 then that is an indication of the page exiting because those markers get cleaned up before rendering unless there is an error halting execution... or the page was cached with that error. You may also want to try cl…
    in Page title Comment by admin February 6
  • Is your error code in index.php after line 167 or so?
    in Page title Comment by admin February 5
  • If you are seeing FUEL_MARKER, that means there is an error in the rendering. Do you have errors turned on in the index.php / environment by chance?
    in Page title Comment by admin February 4
  • FUEL controllers follow CodeIgniter's implementation: https://codeigniter.com/user_guide/general/controllers.html CI has a "_remap" method you can use that gets called instead of your controller methods and that way it can accept parameters.
  • Ah... the demo is pretty old and may need php 5.4.
  • This is an older version but may help: https://github.com/daylightstudio/daylight-roasters