Locked out of Fuel

My admin ID & password has stopped working on a hosted installation. The login page just refuses to accept my details which worked previously. Copying over a working fuel_users table doesn't work.

How can I reset the admin login details?

I've attempted to hard-code a login via a temporary controller and that seems successful but then when I try to access any of the fuel pages (fuel/dashboard), I get returned to the login page. Is there anything I'm missing to craft a valid login so I can reset the password from the users screen?

Happy to take this out of the forum for security reasons...


  • It sounds like it may be an issue with the Session. Try setting the $config['sess_save_path'] value in the fuel/application/config.php file to a writable folder full path on the server (.e.g. /var/www/tmp/). Also, delete any cookies from your browser for that domain.

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    No difference unfortunately. I can see session files appearing in my tmp directory. Could it be an encryption thing?

    EDIT: Turned out to be $config['cookie_secure'] = true;
    The HTTPS cert was broken and the site was defaulting to HTTP.

  • I am also having an issue logging into the Admin dashboard. When I enter my credentials, it says Invalid Submission which I think is coming from line 73 of fuel/modules/fuel/controllers/Login.php: if (!$this->_is_valid_csrf())? I tried to modify $config['sess_save_path'] and $config['cookie_secure'] to see if those would work, but they aren't. Any ideas?

  • Did you try my $config['cookie_secure'] = true; solution?

  • Yes, but it didn't fix the issue I'm facing!

  • Fixed it by manually updating parts of config.php and database.php with Fuel 1.4; originally installed the Fuel 1.4 codeigniter folder just by overwriting the original codeigniter folder, but this time, deleted all of the contents and reuploaded from scratch. That fixed the issue with logging into the admin backend! It was a problem with the Session library, I think.

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