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My FUEL has been working great for years, and suddenly, I checked my website and it's giving me a lot of errors originating in the FUEL core files. I was running 1.4.13 and updated to 1.5.2, but that did not fix the issues. See some of them here:

I started to go through and fix the issues myself, but then I decided not to change any of the core files before posting here to ask what might have caused this to happen suddenly? Could it have been that my server upgraded to a new version of PHP? And, are there updated FUEL files available that would fix these issues? I'm worried that by changing the core files, there will be unexpected and unintended downstream effects. For instance, after I started fixing some of the errors, other classes started throwing errors about array to string conversions.

Any insight is appreciated, thank you!


  • Did you update the fuel/application/third_party/MX/Loader.php file by chance when upgrading? Those looks like errors that are probably fixed in the newer version and am wondering if there were some files that didn't get upgraded.

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    It does look like the third_party folder didn't get updated, but when I update those files, now I get the following fatal error:

    Fatal error: Access level to MX_Router::_set_default_controller() must be public (as in class CI_Router) in /home2/zwelldes/public_html/fuel/application/third_party/MX/Router.php on line 0

    I made sure that all of the files have been updated, and it seems that they have been. Any ideas how to address this issue?

  • It is not protected in /fuel/codeigniter/core/Router.php but it is in fuel/application/third_party/MX/Router.php. If I tamper with it to try and fix the error message it's giving me, it just throws the same error for other functions, like _set_request(), in the same files. And if I restore my files to the previous version, 1.4.13, it no longer gives me that issue, but the original issues I mentioned in my first post return again.

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    It sounds to me that all the files weren't updated. The latest version has all those methods protected. Make sure everything in the fuel/codeigniter folder has also been updated as well as the fuel/modules folder.

  • I'll try again and let you know, thanks!

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    Thanks so much for your help with this - the problems were my own and all resolved now, back online. It was a combination of certain files not getting updated in my FTP and me needing to update my custom models to fit the new class schemas. All good now!!

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