Aria Support for breadcrumbs

Actually, it's 2 things:

1 - I don't think "first_class" and "last_class" fuel_nav() parameters work for the breadcrumb render_type
2 - For screen-reader Aria support, we're supposed to mark the last item on the breadcrumb line with aria-current="page"

I guess a "first_attribute" and "last_attribute" (along the lines of "first_class" and "last_class" parameters) would allow developers to add the aria support in a flexible fashion?


  • I've pushed an update to this in the develop branch for you to test out

  • aria-current="page" is automatic? Neat. Work fine. Thanks.

  • Looks like aria-current is required for fuel_nav()s too.

    In Menu.php, within _create_open_li(), I've changed

    $str .= $this->_create_link($val);


    $active = (is_array($val)) ? $val['id'] : $val;
    $str .= $this->_create_link($val,$active);

    and in _create_link() added aria-current="page" to the outputs

    BTW: The breadcrumbs code still has the numbering debugging integer displaying.

  • Thanks... I've pushed an update for this.

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