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  • This has been pushed to the develop branch: https://github.com/daylightstudio/FUEL-CMS/tree/develop
  • I'm curious if this is a FUEL issue or a server config issue. Is it possible for you to test a fresh CI installation on the server with the same controller?
  • FUEL uses the native CI CLI feature and any restrictions on running in CLI mode would need to be in the Controller code that's created. What do you get when you run php -v? Also, are you able to call a simple controller that doesn't touch the databa…
  • Are you getting any errors? Also, can you run any php script on production?
  • Sorry... just saw this. The $js and $css array are created as default convenience variables in the fuel/application/views/_variables/globals.php. In there you can change the variables value to be either an array or comma separate string.
    in file css and js Comment by admin July 1
  • Those paths reference /assets/css/main.css and /assets/js/main.js respectively. The fuel/application/config/asset.php specifies the paths and different asset folders. The extends for the js and css folders aren't required.
    in file css and js Comment by admin June 23
  • Thanks for the report. This has been updated in the develop branch: https://github.com/daylightstudio/FUEL-CMS/tree/develop
    in Asset.php Comment by admin June 22
  • A few questions to help diagnose the issue: 1. Do you have mod_rewrite and .htaccess enabled on your server? 2. Did you change the .htaccess RewriteBase to RewriteBase /FUEL-CMS-master/. 3. Does the following URL work? http://localhost/FUEL-CMS-…
  • If you follow that path, it will go to the file that has that function. I just created a simple "Test.php" controller and ran php index.php test and it worked fine without error so I'm unfortunately not sure why you'd be seeing that error.
  • Does your fuel/application/config/autoload.php file have url as one of the $autoload['helper']? the uri_path() function should automatically get loaded. FUEL extends the CI helper and includes that function in the fuel/application/helpers/MY_url_…
  • There currently is not such an option to limit the selection.
  • You could try to create a callback function for the 'table_actions' module configuration parameter (in fuel/application/config/MY_fuel_modules.php): 'table_actions' => array('EDIT' => array('func' => function($fields){ // put your code h…
  • When you say no result, what do you mean? Is there a link on the image and if so, where is it going?
  • The fuel_set_var function will add a variable with the inline editing code in place. The inline editing code will get cleaned up if the page is rendered via $this->fuel->pages->render('my_view', $vars); If you don't need the inline editing…
    in Page title Comment by admin May 21
  • You can use: $test_new->save(); echo $test_new->id;
  • You can also try $object->values() which will return an array of properties and values
  • It sounds like you are wanting to break it out of the default table format. To do that, you can try and pass the following "render_format" to the init configuration parameter: $field['my_tested'] = array('type' => 'nested', 'init' => array(…
  • Did you try find_one_array()?
  • So when you select the "no option" (e.g. Select an option.../ Select one...) and save, it still retains the same old values and does not set the foreign key in the database to null or 0?
  • In this case, you can add the permission with the name of tools/google_keywords and assign it to users.
  • Does the first option of the select not say "Select an option..."? Also, when you say it doesn't work, do you mean you can't select the empty value (e.g. Select an option) or do you get a validation error saying that it's required or something?
  • You will need to modify the field in the form_fields method to include a "first_option" parameter: public function form_fields($values = array(), $related = array()) { $fields = parent::form_fields($values, $related); .... $fields[…
  • is .htaccess and mod_rewrite enabled? Also, did you enable the admin in the fuel/application/config/MY_fuel.php $config['admin_enabled'] = TRUE; Can you browse to this page: http://localhost/FUEL-CMS-master/index.php/fuel/dashboard
  • Glad you got it figured out.
  • Are you logged in as the super admin? If not, you may need permissions setup for your simple module: http://docs.getfuelcms.com/general/user-management
  • You can set the id on the second form so that it renders with a different ID: $form1fields['f1field'] = array('type' => 'multi', 'label'=>'Species', 'options' => my_options_list_a()); $this->form_builder->set_fields($form1fields); …
  • That one is tough to tell without the full controller code. One issue may be that the main page area in FUEL is surrounded by a form tag and doesn't allow nesting multiple form tags which may be part of the issue depending on how you setup the page.…
  • Have you read the area for upgrading to FUEL 1.4 here? http://docs.getfuelcms.com/installation/installing In particular the command line tool that will help with a lot of the issues you run into including the casing and the changes needed for ma…
  • I ran a test on that form and I only saw the form rendered once upon submission as well as it only AJAX the results once so I'm not quite seeing the issue you explained. To send a response email, you would need to setup a custom function and leve…
  • The model's save() method can handle a single array of values or an array of array values and it will detect and save a single or multiple (check out the MY_Model::save() method). Save will detect if there is a supplied primary key value and if it e…