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  • Hi Lance, thanks this really help to solve my problem.
  • yup this is help, thanks Lance, but i think some more tweaks is required, will post back once I have it full up.
  • Hi, dblurred, it's quite clear instruction on github ? https://github.com/imknight/FUEL-CMS-Modules what it does is provide a template of permission, so that you not need to check the permission one by one for each user. it doesn't change any core…
  • ya , my client is request for d/m/y for quite some time or at least something like "Jan 3 2010", since asia country here mostly using dd mm yyyy, current setting might be quite confuse for them.
  • ya that's one of the way, just wonder shall it be control by a config which can turn off for all module in one go.
  • fuel_mode is views. I have a controller which extends Module , then I ovewrite the create_edit view in the controller, to use my own views.
  • noted and thanks, will try this.
  • yup, i using the extend module controller method to have my own controller and view for the list items page, but can't find a way to inject the datepicker in.
  • oh didn't know you use a non exist value as first option , thanks for the tips !
  • I think I will do it this way, merge it $silo_options = array_merge(array(''=>'Select...'),$CI->silos_model->options_list('silos.id', 'silos.name', array('silos.published' => 'yes'), 'silos.name')); $fields['silo_id'] = arra…
  • I believe since pierlo is working on advance module , he should write a controller which extend the module controller, so that he can add the test in items function which override the module controller.
  • I think i use fuelcms in a special way, in stead of using it as a publishing cms, I customize it as a internal portal/web app for my user , so most of time i playing around and submit patch for admin related issue. compare to other CMS which focus …
  • the only thing i wonder, if the profiling is turn on, how to disable it for ajax call ... or else your return result is follow by all those profiling data.
  • sure , glad it help !
  • A1. noted , i thought this forum is a module. A2. yup thanks for the guide, didn't know can create controller that extend the module controller to overwrite the parent like this, this is really nice.
  • mmmmm noted will take a look on that.
    in default page Comment by knight July 2011
  • Just want to update this post , I just wipe my dev vps and realiase I never backup my nginx setting, lucky I leave a post here , but I guess I should actually complete this. my setup ubuntu natty php-fpm nginx 1.0.4 all install done by apt-get *re…
  • it is more like I having input which allow multibyte char ( chinese, jap) so if the field is a compulsory field, it will be logout when refresh the edit page, if you try to save the multibyte char won't save. so checking through the lib it seem lik…
  • it seem like is iconv issue, it affect all the multibyte char , this thread should be helpful for anyone having the same problem http://codeigniter.com/forums/viewthread/183838/#878345
  • it seem like related to chinese character input, digging more info on this.
  • will do thanks.
  • useless, it seem like every time refresh it remove the fuel session, which causing the logout
  • nope I don't see it on source , it happen for module which not routing to FUEL_FOLDER.'/module' , that's why i wonder am i missing something.
  • mmmm more like if I have build adv module with custom controller , I won't be able to see the profiling info , even though I m extend from the Fuel_base_controller.
  • nice , I was just about to dig into profiling , glad that someone did it ! the only question I have is how should i output the profiling ? if using $this->_render , I can see the profiling output if I use the this->load->view.
  • yup I understand how the code work , i send it a patch yesterday for this also , but it doesn't resolve my problem, I wonder is that because the setup of server ? now i just settle to leave all cronjob belong to www-data in stead of my user account.…
    in Cronjobs Comment by knight April 2011
  • unless www-data have the ownership to run sudo ? i think standard pratice people won't allow that happen ?
    in Cronjobs Comment by knight April 2011
  • nope i submitted patch for cronjobs, not really related my problem. Now the problem more like when the script is run under www-data ownership, the cronjobs that created is belong www-data also , just wonder is there way to create the cronjobs under…
    in Cronjobs Comment by knight April 2011
  • so far I have some progress on this, will send in a patch later, but now one bigger problem is when the script is run under www-data permission , it can't really perform crontab...
    in Cronjobs Comment by knight April 2011
  • yup , i read that but i thought we still need to do some manual work in order for the cronjob to run , didn't know it will just insert the cronjob directly to the crontab.
    in Cronjobs Comment by knight April 2011