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  • Hi, I created an advanced module for form. In the admin panel if the title of my form is long with 20 characters the UI gets collapsed and scroll bar is present at the bottom to scroll the details. where as in pages if the title is long half the t…
    in routing Comment by sumitha June 2015
  • Thank you, It helped a lot
    in routing Comment by sumitha June 2015
  • As mentioned in this tutorial http://docs.getfuelcms.com/modules/advanced I made an advanced module and it worked fine. When I click the module from the left panel in the admin dashboard, it displays all the values in the database along with the opt…
    in routing Comment by sumitha June 2015
  • It worked. Thanks a lot for your help.
  • Its an advanced module and now it worked fine. Thanks
    in routing Comment by sumitha June 2015
  • Yes I found it out and it worked. Thanks for your kind help. Now i m facing another issue. please let me know how to include css file of an asset folder that is inside a custom module. It takes the default path(localhost/foldername/assets) and says…
  • I also face the same problem. I downloaded newsletter module. Created custom tables. But it throws error stating as Call to undefined method Send::_render() in \wamp\www\Fuelcms\fuel\modules\newsletter\controllers\send.php on line 128 and