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Issues in rendering the block on front-end

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Hi admin,

Here is my setup, I have created a page in the back-end which is mapped to a layout suppose 'my_layout'. All the fields are rendered properly in the front-end except for the block which is associated to one of the layout variables.
Please find the below for reference:

$config['layouts']['my_layout'] = array(

'fields' => array(
'Header' => array('type' => 'fieldset', 'label' => 'Header', 'class' => 'tab'),
'page_title' => array('label' => lang('layout_field_page_title')),
'meta_description' => array('label' => lang('layout_field_meta_description')),
'meta_keywords' => array('label' => lang('layout_field_meta_keywords')),
'Body' => array('type' => 'fieldset', 'label' => 'Body', 'class' => 'tab'),

'heading' => array('label' => lang('layout_field_heading')),
'page_active_top_menu' => array('type' => 'textarea','label' => lang('layout_field_page_active_top_menu')),
//the below section is not rendered in the front-end
'section_1' => array('type' => 'block', 'folder' => 'menu_folder'),

'breadcrumbs' => array('label' => lang('layout_field_breadcrumbs')),
'page_title_header' => array('label' => lang('layout_field_page_title_header')),
'section_2_1' => array('type' => 'textarea','label' => lang('layout_field_section_2_1')),
'section_2_2_class' => array('label' => lang('layout_field_section_2_2_class')),
'section_2_2' => array('type' => 'textarea','label' => lang('layout_field_section_2_2')),
'section_2_3' => array('type' => 'textarea','label' => lang('layout_field_section_2_3')),
'section_3' => array('type' => 'textarea','label' => lang('layout_field_section_3')),

'body' => array('label' => lang('layout_field_body'), 'type' => 'textarea', 'description' => lang('layout_field_body_description')),
'body_class' => array('label' => lang('layout_field_body_class')),

//here is the block field description
$config['blocks']['menu_block'] = array(
'fields' => array(
'page_active_top_menu' => array('type' => 'textarea','label' => lang('layout_field_page_active_top_menu')),
'sub_menu_container_class' => array('type' => 'textarea','label' => lang('layout_field_page_active_sub_menu_class')),

'background_image' => array('type' => 'file','label' => lang('layout_field_backgroundbanner')),
'background_banner_url' => array('type' => 'text','label' => lang('layout_field_background_banner_mob_url')),
'backgroundmob_image' => array('type' => 'file','label' => lang('layout_field_backgroundmobbanner')),
'background_banner_mob_url' => array('type' => 'text','label' => lang('layout_field_background_bannermob')),
'active_menu' => array('type' => 'textarea','label' => lang('layout_field_page_active_sub_menu')),

'banner_text_content' => array('type' => 'textarea','label' => lang('layout_field_page_banner_text_content'))
After the above code, I am able to save the block variables in the admin panel at the page level, but I am not able to see the block code being rendered.
Note: I have tried with have the file inside _blocks/menu_folder/menu_block.php, also I have tried removing the file from the _blocks folder and having an admin driven block created from the admin panel named menu_folder/menu_block but in both the cases I am not able to see the html rendered.


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    The block field will create an array variable with the name of the variable being the name of the field (e.g. menu_block), the keys being the field names, and the values being the values submitted in the form:
    Does your layout / view file have that variable passed to it?
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    Does your layout / view file have that variable passed to it?
    I am using the admin panel for passing data, the only code that I am using is the above my_fuel_layout.php code shared.

    So you suggest that for accessing the variable values inside the blocks HTML code, I have to use the variable as
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    Yes. The block field type saves variables as a key/value array.
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    I sorted the Issue, I was trying to call the section_1 in my layout file like we call general fuel_vars.
    <?php echo fuel_var('section_1'); ?>
    instead when I replaced the above code with the one below, things worked
    <?php echo fuel_block('menu_folder/'.$section_1['block_name'],$section_1); ?>
    Thanks Admin..
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