Some admin pages are stuck loading

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I just installed Fuel and am every excited about its possibilities. I have installed Fuel on a site in a test directory called /test/. I am able to log in to the admin but when it loads everything loads except the dashboard area to the right just has two loading graphics sitting there. When I go to the some of the other links I get the same thing. Just a loading graphic and the page never loads. Any thoughts?



  • I have tracked the issue down to line 90 of the BaseFuelController.js, the complaint of the system is "$.cookie is not a function" ... any thoughts?
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    What platform are you running (MAC/PC, and browser)?
  • Ok I finally got to the bottom of this. It was an issue with the host's and apache's mod security. Apache had a bug in its rule that was blocking jquery.cookie.js. Looks like things are working now ... looking forward to giving Fuel a test drive.
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    Glad to hear you got it fixed. Let us know how it goes.
  • Fuel CMS is exactly what I have been looking for, excellent work! Looking forward to working with it further! I have a few questions and am wondering if you can point me in the right direction?

    1. When giving a user the Manage Pages ability, is there a way to not allow them to create pages and only edit existing pages? Or at a minimum allow for their created pages to be in an unpublished status?

    2. When setting up a new site what example code/files could be removed from the views directory and other areas to make it a clean install? Also, are there any required CSS, JS, etc that must he included in headers, footers? Is there is a tutorial that talks about this?If so just point me there, I couldn't seem to find it.

    Thank you again!
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    With regards to Managing pages, there are currently 3 permissions you can set. Manage, Publish, and Delete. You could give someone the ability to Manage pages (create/edit), and not give them the ability to publish them. I just pushed a couple bug fixes related to that so you may want to grab the latest and just replace the fuel/modules/fuel folder.

    With regards to what can be deleted from the views folder, you could potentially empty it out. However, I'd recommend leaving the following files so you can edit them for your needs and take advantage of things like layouts and blocks:

    1. views/_layouts/main.php - main layout file
    2. views/_blocks/header.php - your header file
    3. views/_blocks/footer.php - your footer file
    4. views/_variables/global.php - global variables to be passed to all pages
    5. views/_fuel_preview.php - this is the preview view file you can use to customize how your previews look when you click the green checkbox in the markitup editor

    With regards to the assets folders at the web root, I'd only recommend keeping the assets/js/jquery.js file (just because it's so common), however that could be removed too. The assets for the admin area are in their corresponding module folders (e.g. fuel/modules/fuel/assets).

    The application/controllers/contact file can be removed (if you are using the 0.91 branch).

    The helpers, libraries and hooks application folders I wouldn't remove anything... just add to them
  • Excellent, thanks for the thorough response, extremely helpful!
  • Sorry another question and this may be a github newbie question. Is there a difference between the master branch and the 0.91 branch?
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    Yes. The 0.91 branch is using CI 2.0 and modular separation for the modules instead of Matchbox.
  • Thanks, I'm guessing they're being updated simultaneously? Is the master branch the recommend branch to pull from for use in building projects?
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    They are being updated simultaneously. The master branch has had more downloads and testing behind it however, the 0.91 is catching up.
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    I am having the same problem with the dashboard not wanting to load. How did You fix that issue in apache?
  • My issue was mod_security in apache blocking jquery.cookie.js my host had to fix and I'm not sure what they did.
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    I had installed fuel cms, but i had problem, in dashboard it's loading continuously and never finish
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    What browser and platform are you on (MAMP, WAMP... etc). The spinning on the dashboard is an ajax call, so if you have Firebug installed it would be good to see what is happening with that request.
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    The problem is when I navigate to, its get stuck. Firebug didn't report anything.

    Browser : Firefox 3.6.1
    Platform : Windows : XAMPP, Firebug Installed
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    Hmm... I'm not able to replicate on my XAMP install with Firebug. So in Firebug, the AJAX call does not return anything in the response?
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    yes, exactly, firebug console does not return anything.
    What can I do? It alw
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    Do you have another development server you can try it on just to see if it is machine/server related?
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    Have we found the solution to this issue? My dashboard is also stuck with the loading graphics on the right. I worked with my web host, but they were unable to determine anything with apache and mod_security. He said I could request for mod_security to be disabled. I have submitted this request, but am currently waiting on a response.
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    Are you able to use Firebug to check the AJAX requests those graphics pertain to. On a successful AJAX request, those spinner graphics should go away.
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    Actually, there was a bug in the last commit that was preventing that from showing up. The latest version should have it fixed now.
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    The latest version seems to have fixed the error on the dashboard but pages, and blog posts still have the same issue.
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    The issue being that the list view is stuck with a spinning graphic? If so, can you use Firebug to see what kind of AJAX response you are seeing after going to that page and if there are any errors. I'm currently not able to replicate the issue so any error information would be helpful.
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    On the Site -> Pages, Site -> Navigation, Blog -> Posts, and Blog -> Comments section all display $.cookie is not a function; BaseFuelController.js (line 153) in Firebug
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    Hmm... couple things to check first:

    1. Does your fuel/modules/fuel/config/fuel.php file have a line 'jquery/plugins/jquery.cookie', Around line 151?
    2. If you view source on the page, do you see that plugin being included in the header of the page (that $.cookie jquery plugin is found in that file)?
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    'jquery/plugins/jquery.cookie' is listed under $config['fuel_javascript'] in the fuel.php file

    From the source of the page there are three lines in the header that mention anything about cookie:

    jqx_config.cookieDefaultPath = '/';

    and the following line is listed twice
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    ok i guess it didn't like my html

    script src="/fuel/modules/fuel/assets/js/jquery/plugins/jquery.cookie.js?c=943948800" type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8
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    Does that error happen in a different browser?
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    Yes Sir.. IE9, Firefox 4 and Chrome all have the same problem. In Internet Explorer, however, a yellow triangle shows up at the bottom left and when I click it it says "Object doesn't support this property or method. BaseFuelController.js Line: 153 Char: 4, URI:".

    The other browsers show not error natively, I just know it isn't working because I have the spinning graphic.
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