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PHP 7.2



  • It looks like a new bug has surfaced with line 327 in fuel\modules\fuel\controllers\Module.php

    $url = fuel_url("'.$this->module_uri.'/delete/".$cols[$CI->model->key_field()]);
    Needs to be changed to:
    $url = fuel_url($this->module_uri."/delete/".$cols[$CI->model->key_field()]);

    I'm not sure if this is a PHP 7.2 issue or not, but it puts quote marks around the $this->module_uri causing the delete link to not work in the simple module list view.

  • Thanks for the report. I've pushed an update for that.

  • New Dwoo 7.2 issue ( needs pushing.

    line 2530

    --while (list($k,$char) = each($breakChars)) {
    ++foreach($breakChars as $k => $char) {

  • Thanks for the report. This has been updated in the 7.2 compatibility branch

  • The link to the 7.2 compatibility branch doesn't work anymore, does it still exist?

  • Looks like it's all been pulled into the main "develop" branch now

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