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PHP 7.2

Has anyone managed to get Fuel running on PHP 7.2? Mcrypt has been deprecated, and it looks in the codeigniter code that it should use OpenSSL when Mcrypt isn't available but I'm finding it to throw errors about the missing module. Not sure if it's currently unsupported?


  • It's currently not supported yet (am accepting pull requests though to help with that :)...

  • Ok cool. Thanks for the clarification :)

  • I just found out that PHP 7.2 is throwing an error with mcrypt. Any idea of when this might be corrected? Rough ETA? :)

  • Where is it throwing the error and is it FUEL specific or CI? The warnings I was seeing were mostly regarding the use of create_function.

  • Hi, new to fuel, but have used ci and ci-bonfire for years.
    Trying to install v1.4.(2) just downloaded.
    Problem is that I am setting up a new server and have just gone through upgrading to php 7.2 and all ci up to 3.1.8 and bonfire 0.8.3 and all is working well.
    My existing ci-bonfire sites are working now, but I am looking for a new CMS for basic web site - having used cms made simple for years for a particular site, but it is time to move on.
    As your code is based upon ci I thought, here is something I can use.

    Your install gives error:
    Message: count(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable

    Filename: libraries/Menu.php

    Line Number: 676
    which is no doubt due to 7,2 strict checking of parameters and your code not adhering to this. I did an initial check and the parameter is an array, however on the first pass through you return with no value .... as I have no experience with your code base I hesitate to try debug just to try the clean install.
    So question is - when will you have an updated download that is 7.2 friendly and maybe with ci 3.1.8 rather than the current 3.1.3?

  • The develop branch is currently using 3.1.7 (and will update to 3.1.8 when we can). Regarding 7.2 fixes, we've started on some but have a ways to go and at this point can give a firm date.

  • I have edited some of the fuel code to get to the point of being able to enter the cms.
    I note extensive(!) use of create_function() - this is a huge attack vector as it uses the eval() function with all the attendant risks. Seems like poor coding practice.
    I started replacing them (did two to enable loading of cms part), but the amount of work for someone that doesn't understand what is trying to be achieved and the nuances that are invisible to a new player, plus the poor maintainability of inline code makes it very time consuming, thus I have given up.
    Fuel looked really interesting and would probably meet my needs, but with no ETA I guess I will keep looking.

  • FYI there is a php 7.2 compatibility fix branch on the repo now which also includes CI 3.1.8:

  • Hi! :)

    This is great, but I've noticed a "Notice" error you might want to be aware of:

    A PHP Error was encountered<br /> Severity: Notice<br /> Message: Undefined variable: l_delim<br /> Filename: parser/Fuel_dwoo_parser.php<br /> Line Number: 117

    If this is due to my code missing something, please, let me know :)

  • edited April 25

    This is also very weird. It seems that everything within my header view between <script> tags is looking like this:
    <script s r c = " / ass e ts / js / j q u e r y . i m a g e M as k . js ? c = " t y p e = " t e x t / j a v as c r i p t " c h a rs e t = " u t f - 8 " ></script><br /> <script >f u n c t i o n m as k I t ( $ e l e m e n t ) {

    Nothing else looks like this on the page, just the code between the <script> tags.

    Any idea what might cause this? It only started with the 7.2 compatibility fix branch.

    FYI, I did require updating to the latest branch as the host is needing to update to PHP 7.2.


  • edited April 25

    Interesting, it's not doing it to all the pages, only the front page. Any clue what could be causing it?

    I put a <?php die(); ?> at the bottom of my footer block view file and it fixed this issue but created new issues with various tags, obviously.

  • I've fixed the $l_delim error in that branch. Regarding the spacing, what is the real HTML for that suppose to be?

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