1.4_dev and CI3 class names

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I have been testing the 1.4_dev branche locally, without any problems. Then I tested the same application on a live server which resulted in a 404 error for each page I tried. Now the CI3 documentation says all class files should be capitalized, so this should go for controllers and models. I changed that in my advanced module and that solved the problem. I tried the same approach on the fuel controllers and models to see if it worked, but that seems to break the module and returns a blank page. Is this a known issue?


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    I've been developing mostly on a Mac and that hasn't cropped up yet so I appreciate the report. I've pushed a bunch of file casing updates. Please merge in the latest from 1.4_dev branch and test out when you can and let me know if you run across anymore issues.
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    Thanks. Most is working now. I have ran into the following issues:

    Pages > Create
    Pages > Edit

    Message: Undefined index: location
    Filename: models/Fuel_pages_model.php
    Line Number: 72

    I changed the casing of the model name. It helps for Edit, but Create still shows the location error. And I am missing all fields as defined in MY_fuel_layouts as well.

    Navigation > Create

    Content area seems to pop out, all navigation is lost.


    Throws this error:

    Message: Undefined property: Module::$linked_fields
    Filename: core/Model.php
    Line Number: 77

    Manage > Cache

    Throws a 404.

    I can give you access to the application, should you want to take a look yourself. Just let me know.
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    There was an issue in the routes file which I pushed a change to which should help:
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    Thanks. The issues above related to pages and assets are solved now.
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