Fonts not loading on deployed site

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Just noticed yesterday that the fonts on my site aren't being loaded, and I get a 404 in each request to a font. The fonts are definitely there on the server, in /assets/fonts/, yet if I access the URL directly, I get a 404 page, too. Images work fine, though. Is there anything I'm missing?


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    That sounds like it may be an issue with your web server. Make sure your web server is setup to serve up the different font types.
  • Usually it's at lack of access rights on the files/directory for the web server user account. set the whole ./assets/fonts directory structure to 777 (full read/write for everyone) and see if that fixes it. If so, then set the owner to your web server account (www-data?) and then dial down the access rights to something more sensible.
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    Thanks for the replyes guys. Even setting the fonts folder to full permissions didn't solve it, I'm simply transferred to the FuelCMS's generic 404 page.

    I do not see the full structure of the server, only a folder dedicated to this one website. Could it be there's an .htaccess sitting somewhere in another folder above, preventing such file types from being downloaded?
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    Are you able to access other file types in the assets/fonts folder (e.g. perhaps try putting an image in there)?
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    Sorry, I don't recall if I tried that, it's been a few weeks now. After hours of scratching my head I ended up simply adding an @import in the CSS that links straight to Bootstrap's CDN and loads the font I need :)

    Thanks for the help!
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