Inline Editing & User Permissions

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I had restricted my client user account to only edit the Pages content, but when I did that the front-end inline editing feature was disabled. So I enabled publish, and the feature showed up, but the edit box wouldn't fully load. I had to add Create Pages to the user permissions before the full edit box would show up. (Delete Pages wasn't required).

Is this done on purpose, or is it a bug?



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    I also have a problem with inline editing feature, I have a user with all available permissions (but not super administrator) and he does not see markers, the administrator (David McReynolds) suggested to check Fuel_auth::has_permission() but I didn guessed hot to fix this ...
    I tried on a clean installation, created a new user, gave him all permissions but he had no markers displayed, he had to be a super administrator to see marker ...
    edival, you are telling that your client, without permissions of a super administrator, sees that markers? and it is not clear what you mean "but the edit box wouldn't fully load".
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