Broken cache issue

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A client of mine is reporting that the CSS for a Fuel site is broken more often than they are happy with. I know of the type of problem, but have only seen it once or twice. It manifests itself with HTML pages with no CSS - refreshing the page cache always fixes it.

The site is undergoing constant change in the code base, and content, so in a sense a broken cache is to be expected now and then. The issue is preventing it happening. What recommendations would you have? Could it be just an asset cache issue, or Dwoo? I think it comes down to the link href pointing to a non-existent CSS/PHP file, but whether that is because a Dwoo cached page has an expired link, or the asset cache has failed to regenerate, I can't be sure yet.

I've just set the output type to 'combine' on CSS rather than TRUE, to see if this makes a practical difference.


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    I've seen that happen too and yes, clearing the cache fixes it. I run about x20 Fuel sites but have only seen it on this one site which happens to be one of the first I built.

    Could it be Fuel version related issue do you think? My problematic site is v1.0...
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    I've seen it intermittently on versions 0.93 to 1.2.

    I anticipate it is related to the output type, as it seems more likely when that is set to TRUE (eg combined + whitespace strip etc) than otherwise, and may be server related.
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    I'm not sure if you have any sort of build script or after commit hooks, but you can clear the cache via the command line or a web hook. More can be read about web hooks here:
    > php fuel/manage/clear_cache
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    Sadly although I'm using SVN locally, I'm just connecting live via Netbeans ftp. But I like the idea, but am yet to see how to create a hook for the IDE. need to brush up my skills on that front.
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