Problem installing fuel cms on Ubuntu 11.10, apache 2.2.20

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when browsing to localhost/index.php
I get this:
Your system folder path does not appear to be set correctly. Please open the following file and correct this: index.php

Here are the relevant lines from index.php:

define('INSTALL_ROOT', str_replace('\\', '/', realpath(dirname(__FILE__))).'/fuel/');
$system_path = INSTALL_ROOT.'codeigniter';
$application_folder = INSTALL_ROOT.'application';

echo $system_path gives: var/www/fuel/codeigniter, that seems correct.

Please help.


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    Is there a forward slash before "var"?
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    yes there is.
    The output is: /var/www/fuel/codeigniter
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    That seems correct to me if your index.php is located in the /var/www/ folder. This error is happening right off the bat in the index.php bootstrap and would be a similar issue with a normal CI install. Have you installed CodeIgniter and worked with that on your server before without issues?
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    No, I have not installed Codeigniter before.
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    OK. Are you perhaps using some sort of symlink? You could try with a straight download of CodeIgniter too if you are wanting to take FUEL out of the equation.
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    Just installed Codeigniter and it works.
    I'm out of ideas...
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    Perhaps just hard code that system path folder instead of using the INSTALL_ROOT constant. I'm assuming that the fuel/codeigniter folder exists too with your installation. If that doesn't fix it, I think you'd need to debug the index.php bootstrap which is very similar to the CI bootstrap but with a few additions you shouldn't have to worry about for this.
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