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  • I select a date, for example: 25/10/2018 And i save the page. After save, the date looks like this: 31/12/1969. I don't know why this happen. The issue is for all the forms's blocks of all layouts with type "date". I hope you understand adm…
  • It's ok. In the modal Assets > Upload. When you select an image the name of the image appear in the file field. I want to capture that name in a different variable. I hope you understand, thanks admin.
  • How can i obtain the name that appear in the file type form? First appear a message that says 'ningun archivo seleccionado' and it changes automatically when i choose an image.
  • Nothing in console. I have the property like this: $fields['userfile']['display_preview']= TRUE; or $fields['userfile'] = array('type' => 'file' , 'overwrite' => TRUE, 'display_preview' => 'TRUE'); and i can only see the overwrite optio…
  • At the moment that i create the block in MY_fuel_layouts file i want that block contains the information from the database. For that reason i try to use the model but it always return null. Is something like pre charged information in the block. I …
  • Thanks a lot admin. It works perfect
  • Hello. I have a question. What happen when you want more than one result? I reffered to this line: $cheese = fuel_model('cheeses', array('find' => 'one', 'where' => array('slug' => $slug))); How i can change the code to obtain more than …
  • Admin. When i try to obtain the data by this way in MY_fuel_layouts: $this->load->module_model(FUEL_FOLDER, 'Eventos_model'); I have this error message An uncaught Exception was encountered Type: Error Message: Call to a member function …
  • Hi admin. If i understand you, i have to use the model of the table and create the key to obtain the information? And that info will be appear in the user's view? I hope i explain correctly my problem.