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  • Only a warning that getPreventDefault() deprecated. I'm not sure if I'm looking at the right thing, but this line looks okay: GET XHR http://localhost/OKGY/blog/comment_reply/2 but that link points to the main blog page, so that is what is loaded -…
  • 1. I have reinstalled it, so now #1 is solved. 2. Version 1.1. Just downloaded the full pack again yesterday. Reinstalled today. Now all I have there is the default theme, I have not customized anything and the reply form still loads the main page i…
  • 1. i have 3 different themes. I've checked many times if i was changing the right one. It is the same with all of them: even if i remove the post.php, the post gets displayed. Just like it was with the comment_form before. 2. I have tried, no luck. …
  • Also, hitting Reply on a comment loads the whole page into the container instead of the comment form.
  • I have updated my blog module and now it seems that views/themes/default/post.php does not have any affect on how the post looks. The same way as the comment_form.php before. Can you pls look into it?
  • deleted
  • Thanks for your help. 1. I'm really confused about this views/themes/default/_blocks/comment_form.php file. Even if I delete it, the comment form still gets displayed. Nothing I do with it has any affect on my comment form. 2. Nevertheless, I have n…
  • Yes, they are. I can see the comments and the comment form under the blog post. It's just that it seems it is not the comment_form.php file that is actually controls how the comment form is displayed on the post page. Nothing I put there gets displa…
  • Thanks! I am changing all the view files to make my own template, but I am stuck with the comment_form.php. All it has is one line: <?=$form?> and I cannot track back where the view is actually customizable. Anything I put in that file is not …
  • Hello, I'm on a similar problem. I've managed to do what was mentioned above, but cannot figure out what to do with the submit button and the paragraph texts in the form (I want to change them). Can you pls help?
  • Thanks a lot! Now I've started with the simple modules tutorial and I am finding it very useful. I have a problem, though: When I login to the CMS both the Authors and the Articles modules appear on the left menu, but clicking them results in 404 p…