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  • Ahh, i see. Then I can specify my content's div class in the ck_editor_settings in the config... $config['ck_editor_settings'] = array( 'bodyClass' => 'maincontent', ); and now it styles the preview like that div. That should work.…
  • Great! Everything's working now after replacing the Dwoo folder with the updated one. Thanks for all your help!
  • sorry I should of put that in there before. Yes, they were both static view files that were imported into the admin, and it worked fine before they were imported. It's just when I import the page that i get the error.
  • Okay.. That's what I figured. The only one i'm looking to mess with now is the Fuel_auth because I want to create regular users for the front end. I guess I could separate them in their own module though. Thanks!
  • Yes, that does make sense, but then wouldn't I need to change every where the library is loaded to the extended file so I could have that functionality?
  • ahh... forgot to set the write permissions. Working great now. Thanks!
  • So i figured out what was going on finally. If something is posted it's saved in the user's session and I was checking the session before i was setting it. so as a result i was always getting the previous posted info. It's working perfectly now, m…
  • I'm also using post so it shouldn't cache anyways, but the response is always one behind. I have to click the button twice to finally see the result. I did append a time stamp as a parameter to my controller and it didn't help either.
  • Yes, I am using jQuery and I have turned off cache, but it's still doing it. As far as a query string I thought CI doesn't like those urls, I get a 404 error.
  • Sorry I wasn't a little more specific. Now that I think about it, it wasn't CI that had the cache issue it was IE, but i'm having this problem with all browsers now. I'm building forms in a controller that are outputted to a view. There are 3 form…
  • No worries, I got it to ouput all the values like I want. Now it seems i'm having trouble displaying it the way I want. I want to have them list vertically and the next form I'll need to include another column for a flash player. Is it possible …
  • I see what you mean, but I guess i'm essentially making a select box, but w/ radio buttons. It's easier to see what I mean by looking at our live site https://www.gmvoices.com/asteriskstore/order
  • Just got my version up and running. I had the issue with RewriteBase / as well, but I found that should be the path of where the fuel files are. So i use WAMP and I put my installation in a folder fuel_cms, so I changed the 'RewriteBase /' to 'Rewri…