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  • I debugged and observed the the main issue was the lang() function that is present in the configuration files. To prevent this I just created my own function lang() where I assigned the corresponding variables from fuel_lang.php file. Now I can uni…
  • I used already Tester module in a previous project. However, I would like this time to succeed by integrating it with phpunit. I'm using the last version of fuelcms that is Fuelcms 1.4.
  • Hi, at the end it is any way of integrating phpunit into fuelcms? I tried to use ci-phpunit-test and I got the same errors like kpjpowers. I eliminated the first errors BASE_URL and SERVER_NAME by setting them to an empty string. However I still ge…
  • Your code will always keep the checkbox in the "checked" status. I used $fields['checkbox'] = array('type' => 'checkbox', 'label' => 'Checkbox', 'value' => 1, 'checked' => $this->input->post('checkbox')); and everything seems to …
  • Using your proposition I get the same result. The checkbox input is toggled only when is set to TRUE or 1. I tried to set FALSE or 0 and in that case keeps the same value => unchecked This issues persists in application and also in modules
  • The minimal amount of the form is the following: <?php /** * @package No_Module\Controllers */ class contact_us extends Fuel_base_controller { public function __construct(){ parent::__construct(); } …
  • Sorry but I still have somewhere 600 line of code. To simulate I propose do it in this way: create a controller with a form with any input X and add a validation for that input. More than that add also a checkbox with attribute always checked = tru…