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  • Thanks for the tip! The hosting service had implemented "ModSecurity" without telling us which was getting triggered when "importing" the block. They have turned it off, and it works great again!
  • Awesome, thanks for the suggestions. I'll check the AJAX call in detail, and inquire about software like SUHOSIN.
  • Yes, the user has permissions to all aspects of Blocks. That Forbidden error only comes up after the "Save" button is clicked for a Block. For the importing part, as soon as the "Yes" button is clicked, when it asks "There is an updated view file l…
  • Ah, assigning 'sitevariabales' to the 3rd parameter was the key. Thanks!
  • Yes, it is set to auto. I double checked and it is pulling the variables from the database. When I change the variable value from the CMS, it updates the page accordingly. Most of the variables don't have anything entered into the 'scope' field.
  • <?php echo fuel_var('index_banner_text')?> I'm not using using any of the optional variables. the variables are defined in the pagevariables section of the CMS only.
  • perfect. my permissions parameter in MY_fuel_modules did not include the 'create' parameter. Thanks!
  • Well, OK. I thought it was all working, but the meetings/create permission is not working. "mettings/publish", "meetings/edit", "meetings/delete" work. Upon closer look though, the "create" button is missing and when I manually try to navigate to …
  • I figured it out I was using "Meetings" in the Name field for the permission instead of "meetings". In the tutorial (http://docs.getfuelcms.com/modules/tutorial#permissions) doesn't say much about what the "Name" field should be. The other old tut…
  • That sounds great, but I don't have command line access to the hosted website. So, I'm trying stick with things that I can replicate on the site after it goes live. Anything else I can try?
  • Even if I give a user all possible permissions, that user still doesn't see any modules. Only the super user is seeing the modules. I have also noticed that in MY_fuel_modules.php if I make the module names uppercase (i.e. "$config['modules']['Mee…
  • aha. Thank you! I did not realize that fuel does not not pre-populate $meeting with all of the pertinent information once "<?php foreach($meetings as $meeting) : ?>" is called. It appears that many SQL queries are being performed for each …
  • 1. Yes 2. The loop that has the $childcare_option variable is never run (no childcare options are returned). 3. No, line 5370 is never reached. This seems like the biggest problem. Here's the contents of my meetings_model.php file. I tried to fol…