Search module not indexing

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I've installed the latest version of the search module. But when I start indexing Firebug is showing:

Error Number: 1051
Unknown table 'fuel_search_tmp'
DROP TABLE `fuel_search_tmp`
Filename: /fuel/modules/search/libraries/Fuel_search.php
Line Number: 1375

I've also set the $config['search']['use_tmp_table'] = FALSE; but no luck.
Can you please explain why the indexing of the search function is not working?


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    Try adding "TRUE" to the drop_table function in the following in the Fuel_search on line 1375:
    $this->CI->dbforge->drop_table($tmp_table_name, TRUE);
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    does your mysql user account (what you have set in ./config/database.php) have the correct access rights to create the table?
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    Adding "TRUE" did the trick. The fuel_search_tmp table is created.
    But the results on the page are still empty.

    After using the temp table, where is the indexed dat stored? because the tmp table is empty.

    Thanks for your help guys,
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    Sorry guys,

    But any hint where to look why the search page is not showing any results after indexing?

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    The contents of the search are stored in the fuel_search table (fuel_search_tmp is used during the indexing process and essentially transfers it's contents to fuel_search only on successful indexing).

    Usually when there are no contents in that table, it has something to do with the delimiter config value specified not being something that is detected on the homepage (or base_url config value).

    Did you copy the fuel/modules/search/config/search.php file to fuel/application/config/search.php and update those config values and do you see any messages being output during the indexing process (it should output a list of the pages it is indexing)?
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    Thanks again,

    I did copy the search.php and update the config values. But there is no data being output from the indexing proces. The fuel_search table was till empty.

    I'm sorry but I stopped using the search module and build my own search function based on codeigniters native code.

    I'm a big fan of CodeIgniter and as much as I love Fuel as a cms, the module are just not working properly.

    If there's any chance I can help with the documentation, please let me know.
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