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Forms - textarea - resize popup via preview options

edited August 2016 in Bug Reports

I'm trying to resize the preview popup on my textarea via preview_options but it doesn't work. Please check the code below.

(inside my model)

$fields['page_content'] = array(
'label' => 'Page Content',
'comment' => 'Set the content of your page',
'type' => 'textarea',
'class' => 'markitup',
'preview' => '_mypage',
'preview_options' => 'width=200,height=200'

The size of the popup doesn't change (inspecting via chrome developer tools, the dimensions seem fixed at 864x508). Please let me know if i missed something or how to resolve this.


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    The prevew_options is no longer a valid option since the preview functionality was rolled into how other modal windows are created into the system as opposed to using This should be removed from the documentation.
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    i see. thanks for clarifying
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