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Dashboard shows 404 page not found in live hosting

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I faced a problem on loading and showing the control panel of the CMS, when I point to I get 404 page not found message after I get redirected to the url although the CMS working fine on my local host, but when I try it in my online host I get this message.

Please Help me and let me know if you want the files of the entire project
Thank in advance


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    I think the problem from this

    // check if the admin is even accessible... this method looks at if the admin is enabled and at any remote host or IP restrictions
    if ($this->validate AND !$this->fuel->auth->can_access())


    but how to enable admin at remote host ?
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    solved the problem at fuel/config/fuel.php
    just make true as this
    $config['admin_enabled'] = true;
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