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datepicker need add_edit ?

edited March 2011 in Modules
Just find out this, not sure why.

I build advance module with custom controller , using the form builder library , with date field , but the datepicker jquery doesn't show , the small icon beside the date field never appear, until I reference the blog module and added this in my controller, then the datepicker icon appear.

$this->js_controller_params['method'] = 'add_edit';

not really understand this part, is it a bug ?


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    The code to initiate the datepicker is in the fuel/modules/fuel/assets/js/fuel/controller/BaseFuelController.js file's add_edit method. We are thinking about compartmentalizing the different Form_builder types a little more to help with issues like this, but at the moment, the solution is to either use the BaseFuelController or extend it.
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    noted, thanks
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