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Checkbox fields are unchecked

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Because the functionality of the checkbox in the form doesn't work as I expected I tried to simplify the code.
So, I have a simple checkbox field:

$fields['test_12345'] = array( 'type' => 'checkbox', 'label' => 'TEST: ', 'checked' => true, // default is checked );

As you can see I've set to be always checked: 'checked' => true
I used the validator to check another required conditions from the same form. The checkbox keeps the value as "checked" after page submit, but becomes "unchecked" when a rule is not fulfilled.

So in this way always the checkbox is toggled when I submit the page (checked/unchecked), even if the checked is set always to be true. I checked the post after value $this->validator->validate() and the correct value is posted. When the page is refreshed to be shown the error message the value of checkbox changes.

I suppose that is a bug and I wonder if you can confirm.

Thank you


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    Are you able to post the entire form?
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    Sorry but I still have somewhere 600 line of code.

    To simulate I propose do it in this way: create a controller with a form with any input X and add a validation for that input. More than that add also a checkbox with attribute always checked = true
    Submit the form and try to invalidate the X input (for instance make required but send it empty) and look at the value that takes the checkbox

    If it's really necessary I will create one complete controller with that 2 elements.
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    How about the minimal amount of the form to replicate the problem?
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    The minimal amount of the form is the following:
    <?php /** * @package No_Module\Controllers */ class contact_us extends Fuel_base_controller { public function __construct(){ parent::__construct(); } public function index(){ $vars = array(); // load Form_builder; $this->load->library('form_builder'); // load validator; $this->load->library('validator'); if($this->input->post()) { $this->validator->add_rule('first_name', 'required', 'First name is required', $this->input->post('first_name')); if ($this->validator->validate()) { $message = $this->input->post('message'); echo "OK"; } } // set the fields for the contact form $fields = array(); $fields['first_name'] = array('label' => lang('p_first_name')); // 'required' => true, $fields['checkbox'] = array('type' => 'checkbox', 'label' => 'Checkbox', 'checked' => true); // always true $form_init = array('submit_value' => 'Confirm', 'css_class' => 'c_form'); $this->form_builder->initialize($form_init); $this->form_builder->set_fields($fields); $this->form_builder->set_field_values($_POST); $this->form_builder->display_errors = TRUE; $this->form_builder->required_text = '<span class="required">*</span> Required'; $vars['form'] = $this->form_builder->render_divs(); // set the data from CMS $vars['body'] = $this->load->view('page/contact_form', $vars, true); // show page $this->fuel->pages->render('contact_us', $vars, array('render_mode' => 'cms')); } } ?>

    It seems that even remains in the same page the checkbox is toggled at each form submit.
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    Try adding "value" => 1 to the $fields['checkbox']
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    Using your proposition I get the same result. The checkbox input is toggled only when is set to TRUE or 1.

    I tried to set FALSE or 0 and in that case keeps the same value => unchecked

    This issues persists in application and also in modules
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    Try the following:
    $checkbox = (!empty($_POST['checkbox'])) ? $_POST['checkbox'] : true; $fields['checkbox'] = array('type' => 'checkbox', 'label' => 'Checkbox', 'value' => 1, 'checked' => $checkbox);
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    Your code will always keep the checkbox in the "checked" status.

    I used $fields['checkbox'] = array('type' => 'checkbox', 'label' => 'Checkbox', 'value' => 1, 'checked' => $this->input->post('checkbox')); and everything seems to work well. As you can see I added the missing parameter 'value' => 1, and now it works.
    Thank you for your quick answer.
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    first define your checkbox fields in model form_fields function
    public function form_fields($values = array(), $related = array())
    $fields = parent::form_fields($values, $related);
    $checkbox = (!empty($values['is_editing_allowed'])) ? $values['is_editing_allowed'] : true;

    $fields['is_editing_allowed'] = array('type' => 'checkbox','id'=>'is_editing_allowed' , 'name'=>'is_editing_allowed','label' => lang('is_editing_allowed'),'value' => 1, 'checked' => $checkbox);

    now change the value if checked is_editing_allowed field than value 1 or value 0 from on_before_save function.
    public function on_before_save($values)
    $values['is_editing_allowed'] = '0';

    That's it
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