Galactic Fuel CMS - Twitter Bootstrap-based

Hey all,

We've been working quite a bit on this project and are proud to announce 'Galactic Fuel CMS' - our fork of Fuel CMS.
Main changes include the integration of a fully responsive backend, powered by Twitter Bootstrap and major changes in the user experience.

You can download Galactic Fuel CMS on GitHub:

We would love to get you guys' feedback on this one and are happy to contribute to the Fuel community!

Please also check out our little Fuel CMS blog on We are planning on frequently releasing announcements and tutorials about Fuel there.




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    Sounds interesting... What version of Fuel is this based on?
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    It's based on 1.2 - but we're going to port it to the new version soon.
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    Cool. I'm not sure I'd see much benefit for my users in running the admin side in Bootstrap but having the front-end features more Bootstrap friendly would be useful - The Fuel navigation helpers for example - I currently had to all sorts of hoops to run through to fuel_nav(...) give me a compatible menu structure. Could your ported fuel_nav files be just ported over to a native Fuel install do you think?
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    definitely - if you haven't touched the 'fuel/modules/fuel' folder, you should be able to just override it with the Galactic Fuel folder.
    Either way, I'm planning on going through every file the next week to port it to fuel 1.3.
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