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Form_Builder with wysiwyg field on public side

edited May 2015 in Modules

I've created a public-side form using form_builder and it displays after a $this->form_builder->render();

I want one of the fields to be a CKEditor box so I've set
$fields['my_comment'] = array('type' => 'wysiwyg', 'editor' => 'wysiwyg');

However this still just displays a standard textarea.

I understand that I need to manually include a variety of other bits on my page for it to work. I currently have:
echo js('fuel/custom_fields','fuel'); echo $this->load->module_view(FUEL_FOLDER, '_blocks/fuel_header_jqx', array(), TRUE); echo js('jqx/jqx', 'fuel'); echo js('fuel/fuel.min', 'fuel');

...but it's still not working.

Does anyone have a fool-proof definitive setup for doing this?



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