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Hi. I have a weird issue with tags. I have tags enabled and some tags added (without category). I have an advanced module with a has_many relationship in place. Still tags are not showing in the tags dialog on the edit page. The
    element that contains the tags contains one empty
  • . I have a second server with the same setup. Here tags are working fine, with the same module in place. Anything that could me point me in the right direction?


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    I see my input above is being parsed. I mean that the ul list contains just one empty li.
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    A few questions to help debug the issue:
    1. What does your has_many property look like? In particular, is there a "where" condition in the has_many property?
    2. Do you see any relationships in the fuel_relationships table for the tags and your model?
    3. The fact that it works on one server and not the other is strange. Is there a difference in the PHP versions or are there ay other differences that you can think of between the servers/FUEL setup?
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    1. There is no where property, just: public $has_many = array('tags' => 'fuel_tags');
    2. Tables look fine. There's no problem with tag management as well. They just don't show up in the model.
    3. I checked the specs of the servers. The server where tags DO work runs PHP 5.4.19, the server where tags DON'T work runs PHP 5.4.34. It's the only difference I can find.
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    Try changing the has_many to the following:
    public $has_many = array('tags' => array(FUEL_FOLDER => 'fuel_tags_model'));
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    I tried that, but it doesn't make a difference. I noticed the following as well: when I assign a category to a tag, than that category shows in the tag dialog instead of the tag.
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    You mind updating to the develop branch (you can merge it in via GIT). The tag category showing up should be fixed in the develop branch already and will include the changes for the next release:
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    Works like a charm. Thanks!
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