how to add validation rules for controller

How to add validation rules for a form and how to show if error occurs ?
we have created register.php in view that contains a form and created register.php in controllers like

class Register extends CI_Controller {

function __construct()
public function register()
function index()
{ $this->load->helper('form');
if (!empty($_POST['password']) && isset($_POST['confirm_password'])) {
$this->validator->add_rule('password', 'is_equal_to', 'Your password confirmation needs to match', array($_POST['password'], $_POST['confirm_password']));
$valid = $this->validator->validate($_POST);
$result = $this->Clients_model->entry_insert();
echo $result;

$fields = array();
$fields['first_name'] = array('required' => TRUE);
$fields['last_name'] = array('required' => TRUE);
$fields['email'] = array('required' => TRUE);


// will set the values of the fields if there is an error... must be after set_fields
$this->form_builder->display_errors = TRUE;
$this->form_builder->required_text = '*required fields';
$vars['form'] = $this->form_builder->render();

// use Fuel_page to render so it will grab all opt-in variables and do any necessary parsing
$page_init = array('location' => 'register');
$this->load->module_library(FUEL_FOLDER, 'fuel_page', $page_init);



but we dont know where to add validation rules.
we need to write validation rules for password match too


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    At first glance, it looks like you are doing things correctly. What seems to be happening? Are there any errors being returned by the validator object (you can use the get_errors() method on that object).

    If you need to create your own custom validation, you can create a function or a method on an object and pass it as the second parameter of the add_rule method on the validator object. If it is a method on an object, you use the array syntax "array($this, 'my_validation_method').
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