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Is there a way to reset (or retrieve) the admin password?
Like an idiot I have forgotten it!


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    The password reset function doesn't work. Keeps moaning about undefined indexes, so just reset the password field in the database.
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    A couple questions so I can try and recreate the issue:
    1. Is this with the latest version of FUEL?
    2. Do you have the exact error message (including file and line numbers).
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    1. It is the latest version of FUEl.
    2. Errors are;
    Filename: models/users_model.php
    Message: Undefined index: new_password
    Message: Undefined index: confirm_password
    Both on line 211.

    I have got passed it be changing it directly in the database.
    How much work would be involved with either changing the encryption to SHA1 or maybe using the ION AUTH library for CI?
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    I'm not sure about how much work it would be to use ION AUTH. Changing the password encryption is high on the list though and will hopefully be done within the next month (maybe sooner).
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    BTW, if you are able to get ION AUTH integrated sooner rather then later, let me know.
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    That has been fixed in the in the repo... thanks for the report:
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    I currently developing an application, but if I get time I will try and integrate ION AUTH, how would you recommend, as an advanced module or as part of the core?
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    I would go the advanced module route.
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