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I cannot change the home page

Hi guys,

I'm getting crazy a little bit, because I've checked almost every file in fuel folder, f.ex. application, configs, views, blocks, everywhere, etc, every single part in CMS and I can't find the way to change the homepage. (???) It took me few hours to find that and nothing!
The system somehow redirects from the main domain to the instead of doing what is set in "home" page in CMS. For a long time it was set to redirect to /articles in "home" page in CMS, but now changing the value "Redirect to" doesn't change anything.
Funny thing is that the page title changes on the page /articles when I change it in the "home" page in CMS (!!!), but the content is shown from simple module "articles" I have implemented from your tutorial long time ago.

Please help! I'm out of energy and ideas how to solve it.


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