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new installation

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Hi everyone
windows 10 - xampp
I followed the instructions
enabled permissions to folders
application / cache and assets / images
modified the config / MY_fuel.php and config / config.php files (ps ..... $ config ['index_page'] = 'index.php'; - $ config ['encryption_key'] = ''; - $ config ['sess_save_path'] = NULL;)
if I enter this address:
localhost / FUEL-CMS-master / fuel I do not log in and view the xampp dashboard.
Where am I wrong?


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    A few questions to help diagnose the issue:
    1. Do you have mod_rewrite and .htaccess enabled on your server?
    2. Did you change the .htaccess RewriteBase to RewriteBase /FUEL-CMS-master/.
    3. Does the following URL work? http://localhost/FUEL-CMS-master/index.php/fuel

  • thanks Admin
    the problem was that I had not modified .ht access
    I'm a beginner with CodeIgniter
    then I hope for your help, if need be
    thank you
    good day

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