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Two same forms after submit

I have created a contact form in CMS with form module and after submission you can see the same form twice instead of once with after-submit text. I can't understand how it happens and what to do.

You can test it here -

Best, Lukasz


  • And one more thing:
    1. how to send a message also to the sender's email as a confirmation of sent email?
    2. how to put sender's email as the "from" field in the incoming email?

  • I ran a test on that form and I only saw the form rendered once upon submission as well as it only AJAX the results once so I'm not quite seeing the issue you explained.

    To send a response email, you would need to setup a custom function and leverage one of the form's hooks to send it out in the format you want using CI's Email class:

  • I just found the double form appears only with Firefox. Chrome process the website the right way.

  • edited March 31

    Ohh, please help. It is still there.
    The whole page is doubled under the contact form created in CMS - between reCaptcha and Submit button.
    The doubled page shows in tags:

    <tr>here is reCaptcha</tr>
        <td class="actions">
            <div class="actions_inner">
                <div class="messages success">
                    here is the doubled HTML of this contact page
                <input type="submit" name="Submit" value="Submit" class="submit" id="Submit">

    I've tried so many options, especially in the "Form" module's form

    The above html looks like this is a place for "After submit text", but a whole page is inserted.

    Please help.

  • Hmm... I not seeing that issue in Firefox after submission. Have you had other people test it out:

  • Finally I solved that by selecting "Javascript submit" to "no" in CMS in Forms config of the "Contact". After that I set that back to "yes" and this has started to work properly. Hell know what happened.

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