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Video upload in module

edited June 2018 in Bug Reports

I have a module which lets you upload videos, so far I have tried uploading a file with .webm format and the error I got was 'The file you are trying to upload is not allowed'. I have searched for this error which is common in CI, went to mimes.php and checked the types, also copied the editable_asset_filetypes array into MY_fuel.php and added mp4 and webm in media and assets, checked the input being rendered for upload form and its like this
<input type="file" name="userfile" value="" id="userfile_upload" accept="jpg,jpeg,jpe,png,gif,mov,mpeg,mp3,wav,aiff,pdf,css,zip,svg,webm,mp4">.
Added sanitize_files => FALSE in My_fuel_modules.php.
Started debugging in Upload.php of CI as everywhere I saw the is_allowed_filetype is buggy, and on line 898 ! in_array($ext, $this->allowed_types, TRUE) returns true which in turn returns false and upon printing $this->allowed_types prints this
Array ([0] => jpg [1] => jpeg [2] => jpe [3] => gif [4] => png [5] => zip [6] => svg ).
So it seems you can't upload any files other than these, so how can I add mimes to this array?
$_FILES also gives type as application/octet-stream in Safari.


  • Apache also has file upload restriction settings

  • please tell how to configure them? So far I don't think that's the issue, since I can see the result of $_FILES.

  • Did you try adding those values to the "images" key too since it appears that you are uploading to that folder?

  • Hmm... so if I wanted to upload video what folder should I choose? One more thing is I named my column as video_image because fuel automatically creates the file input for image.

  • Created a folder named media and changed to that folder now it works fine, but now when I am trying to get models in a page, empty array is being returned.

    {$videos = fuel_model(videos, array(find=all, where=array(published=yes)))}
    {foreach $videos video}
    {fuel_block(array( view=nt_video_gallery_card, vars=array( title=$video->title, date=$video->publish_date, img=$video->video_image ) ))}

    same code is being used for another model and I also tried changing to that model and it does load that in this code snippet, although in cms module section list is working alright.

  • If you create a static block using PHP syntax instead of the Dwoo templating syntax, do you get any $videos on line one (e.g. exit(count($videos)) ) ?

  • Thought the same thing, okay i'll let you know

  • I have tried calling the same method in a controller and it also produces empty array, thought if something was wrong with params I was calling so I checked the db but the where clause is also fine, also tried with load model in controller but it also gives same result.

  • In your test controller, add the following code after you run the fuel_model code to output the SQL and debug from there:

  • Okay the issue was I had previously changed the date_format in MY_config to d/m/Y which caused the datepicker to pick wrong date in module and so the query was correct but due to wrong date it was not returning results, so how can I change the date for query?

  • I'm not quite sure I understand the question about changing the date for the query. Are you meaning the where condition in the query?

  • yes, that's what I meant

  • Do you mean something like this?

  • Where is this being called? This is not about showing the date format on frontend? I meant how can I say where publish_date <= d/m/Y when the query is generated to fetch results from database?

  • You first would want to normalize the date into something MySQL will be able to compare against so you'd need to convert your d/m/Y to a Y-m-d format.
    Then try changing your line to something like the following:

    {$videos = fuel_model(videos, array(find=all, where='publish_date <= "2018-06-16"'))}
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