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Help! Navigation

edited October 2017 in Bug Reports

hope you are doing well, i am integrating pyro cms, i need help with the navigation

My HTML Code is below:

Note: i have removed opening & closing arrows from HTML to post here, because this forum support html tags, html code is fine.

div class="nav-menu" style="float:left;"
ul class="nav-menu-inner nav-marg"
a href="about.php"> Left Menu /a

Dynamic code i created:

div class="nav-menu" style="float:left;"

<?php echo fuel_nav(array('nav-menu-inner nav-marg' => 'topmenu', 'item_id_prefix' => 'topmenu_')); ?>


Problem is:

menus are appearing at right place but css styles not applying, i think i am entering class rather than id, but i want class to be inserted, i know it can be done by modifying the above php code, but i am not expert in php, please help me.


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