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I'm trying to setup a Controller for my contact page, while using the CMS. So in my CMS Page I have: {$form} where I want the form to be placed (as I used previously in 0.93)

In my controller I have:
class Contact extends CI_Controller { function __construct() { parent::__construct(); } function index() { $this->load->library('form_builder'); /* Form builder content */ $vars['form'] = $this->form_builder->render(); $this->fuel->pages->render('Contact', $vars); } }

The last 2 lines on 0.93 looked like:
$page_init = array('location' => 'contact', 'render_mode' => 'cms'); $this->load->module_library(FUEL_FOLDER, 'fuel_page', $page_init); $this->fuel_page->add_variables($vars); $this->fuel_page->render();

And that worked. What's the proper procedure to make version 1.0 do the same thing now?



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    There's a third parameter you can use on the render method to pass in the render_mode value:
    $this->fuel->pages->render('Contact', $vars, array('render_mode' => 'cms'));
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    Awesome, that worked perfectly.

    I was trying to find that in the documentation, not sure if I overlooked it or not but I appreciate your help.

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    No problem. The documentation is under the Fuel Pages Class in the 1.0 user guide. If you don't have the 1.0 user guide, you can download it on GitHub here and install it as a module in your FUEL installation:

    We will be working on getting that documentation on a public server so you don't have to download it as we get closer to rolling 1.0 out.
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    Next question, something changed with sessions or dwoo or variable passing:

    I used to be able to check {$session->flashdata} in the CMS but it's throwing an error now.

    This after setting the flashdata and redirecting back to the page:

    $this->session->set_flashdata('success', TRUE); redirect('contact');

    It gives the following error:
    Severity: Notice Message: Undefined property: CI_Session::$flashdata Filename: dwoo/Dwoo.php

    Any ideas?
    Thanks :)
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    What line number does that reference? And I'm assuming the session library is loaded? Also, there is a "session_flashdata" function you can use instead along with a "session_userdata" helper function new to 1.0.
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    Sorry, line 1217.
    Yes, the session library is loaded with: $this->load->library('session');

    is session_flashdata() used to set the session or retrieve the session?
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    It's used to retrieve.

    With regards to it working before and not now, I'm not sure. I just tested it out locally and it seemed to work OK. Did you try clearing out the compiled files?

    Also, can you check in the fuel/application/config/parser.php file that the session is included in the "parser_assign_refs" config paramater. Those should be assigned on line 246 in the MY_parser.php file.
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    Actually, I think it might have something to do with this link:

    As I noticed the code I paste:
    {if ($session->flashdata('success')) }
    gets changed to
    {if $session->flashdata 'success' }</code without the parentheses. In the link you mention adding a line to My_fuel_modules.php but how would I add that to the Pages module which is built in?
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    Okay, so I found MY_fuel_modules.php in: \fuel\modules\fuel\views\_generate\simple\

    and added the line: 'sanitize_input' => array('template','php'),

    But I still seem to have that same issue.
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    Try adding the following to your MY_fuel_modules.php which overwrites existing module data:

    $config['module_overwrites']['pages'] = array('sanitize_input' => array('template','php'));
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    BTW... the problem I'm guessing is due to line 262 in the MY_string_helper under the php_to_template_syntax function.
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    One workaround at the moment may be to set the $session->flashdata('success') to a variable and then use that in the if condition.
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    I tried adding that line, but it didn't help. I agree with My_string_helper being an issue with that particular issue.

    So, another new odd thing, my filenames when added to the DB are being changed to omit the . Is that supposed to happen?

    ie test.jpg becomes testjpg in the DB.

    This seems strange. I did notice another thread that talks about using 'sanitize_images' => FALSE in the module config, but that didn't work either.
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    Okay, that's just odd. The files are being saved with the extension merged as their name:
    so file 1.jpg would go into the db as 1jpg but saved as 1jpg.jpg

    This is all I have in the module to modify the form to save the files:
    $fields['item'] = array('type' => 'file', 'upload_path' => $upload_path, 'overwrite' => TRUE);
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    That's indeed a bug. I just pushed a fix to the 1.0 branch:

    Thanks for the report
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    Strange, in order for me to have the file name stay the same in the DB I had to add the following function to my module:
    function on_before_save($where) { $where['item'] = $_FILES['item']['name']; return ($where); }

    otherwise it saved without the period.
    But that'll do I suppose.
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    It looks like that previous fix was only in one area. I've pushed a fix to implement it in the area where it sets the value and saves to the database as well. Thanks for the report.
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    That worked. Thanks! :)
    (thought I was losing my mind!)
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