Upload images problems.

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- Using New file name.
- Using Subfolder.
Both are just upload original image, no thumbs are created.

- Using New file name, and multiple images.
Just upload first one, even if overwrite is selected or not.

And if the upload is fail, may be image exceeds the height,
all fields of the upload form will be reset, this is so inconvenient.


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    Is the upload happening from within your own module or is it happening in the Asset module? Is this with the .93 branch? If so, you may want to try out the 1.0 beta branch which has addressed a couple image upload issues:
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    Yes, using asset module and 0.93 version.
    Is it possible or too hard to change 0.93 built site (tiny) into 1.0 ver?
    Or now is too early to use 1.0? That the document and built-in modules like blog are not ready, seems like it's still in beta period?
    Anyway thx~
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    It is still in beta period while we work on documentation and testing it but are already using it for sites we do by default. It has a number of improvements and bug fixes. The modules aren't part of the core like they are in 0.93 but can be downloaded from their GitHub repo, as described on the install screen, separately.
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    It's great, I may try to move my 0.93project to 1.0, thx so much.

    Another question, in Blog module, seems like it doesn't have pagination while using archives or categories, that just only one get_posts_by_page function inside of Fuel_blog.php, and I found it's not so easy to write somethings like get_categories_by_page, would you give me some suggestion or easy way to do this?
    Thx again.
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    Hmm... I think I would start by grabbing the pagination code from the main blog.php controller and try incorporating it into the fuel/blog/controllers/categories.php and archives.php controller.
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