Prevent ReWrite/Redirect on #

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I use jQuery quite a bit, including the use of such elements that require no action when clicked. That's where "#" comes into play. Unfortunately with the default .htaccess fuelcms uses, # actually links to a blank page when clicked. I need to disable that. .htaccess seems extremely complicated to me and I haven't been able to figure out how to do this. Does anyone know?


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    Is there a baseurl tag in the header of your HTML? If so, try removing that. Also, you should include a return false; at the end of your click function or an e.preventDefault() at the beginning of it to prevent it from refreshing the page.
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    Thanks. If I put the page name that the jquery content lies on before the # in the link reference it works fine. I have another question but I'll open a new thread for that. Thanks for the help.
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