This page is asking you to confirm that you want to leave - data you have entered may not be saved.

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I just downloaded the latest FuelCMS and installed it for a new project.
When I try to submit a content from pages or blocks it keep popup this js confirmation message:

This page is asking you to confirm that you want to leave - data you have entered may not be saved.

I remember that somehow from config there's an option to disable it, but I didnt find it - please advice.
thank you


  • suwsuw
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    hmm - it seems it was a javascript problem, I modified jquery file with a new one - fuel use 1.5.x latest is 1.8 - it seems there are some bugs in Fuel's javascript code.

    Re-installed the whole thing - didnt touch fuel assets and not it's all ok.
  • suwsuw
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    wohooo... after a break, an a few beers - I remembered:

    in modules/fuel/config/fuel.php

    $config['warn_if_modified'] = FALSE;
    Now it won't bother me any more.

    P.S. still some Fuel JS need to be fix for jquery 1.8.x
    I guess it's because filter does not have '' in them - 1.5 didn't required filters to be in comma ex:

    before: 1.7 - commas/Quotes on filter was not required

    after: 1.7...

    oh and 1 more thing... jquery 1.8 does not support comma any more
    for filtering
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    Is this with the 0.93 or 1.0 beta?
  • suwsuw
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  • suwsuw
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    can I ask why don't you want to modify application/libraties/Form_Builder.php with my small modification?

    I just added
    public $submit_name = "submit_button"; // submit id and name values

    and changed submit button - is really annoying when your submit value must contain special characters like şţăîâ...

    in romanian Modify = Modifică, Delete = Şterge,
    that's why I had to have a different submit name/id than value one.
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    I believe that change you are wanting is in the 1.0 beta. There is both a submit_name and a submit_value (among a ton of other improvements to Form_builder).
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